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Design for the Third Phase of Sohar University Campus


Sohar University signed an agreement with MEG Company for Engineering for designing the third phase of expanding the Sohar University’s campus. On behalf of Sohar University, the agreement was signed by Mahmood al Garawani, chairman of the Administrative Board at the University and the Executive Manager, represented MEG Company.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Italian deputy Ambassador in the Sultanate, the Executive Manager of the Omani Company for the Educational Investments, and the First Assistant Director of Bank Sohar.

Mahmood al Garawani, Chairman of the Board, says “On behalf of the all members of the Administrative Board, I would like to thank His Majesty the Sultan for his unlimited support to the private educational institutions. Within the plan of expanding Sohar University’s campus and a complementary to the previous expansions, a new engineering consultant is assigned to make the architectural designs of the thrd phase of these expansions. News swimming pools, restaurants, playgrounds and many other services will be added within this new expansion”.

He pointed out “we would like to promote the athletic field in the Sultanate in line with other international universities that pay much attention to this sector.

In fact, it is a long investment which needs some patience to be achieved in reality. This will be like a turning point in the sports field. Moreover, we would like to thank Bank Sohar for its great support.

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